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Dakota Servold elite Hi classic Jaws Feet Jaws OG Lizard King Manny Santiago Otaku Paul Hart Conspiracy
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  • Compatible with all foot types
  • Best for mid to high arch
  • 10 mm thick heel –> 5mm toe|  offers the most heel protection in any of our insoles
  • Absorbs 91% of impact energy in lab testing compared to 53% in other “performance” insoles (ASTM F 1614 -1999)
  • Our proprietary material in the exact same formulation is used by NASA on the ISS for sensitive electronics protection
  • EU Size conversion chart below
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For women’s sizing, simply add 2 sizes up. Ex. A men’s 4 is a women’s 6.

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These are the insoles Jaws used to ollie the Lyon 25 stair and set the record for the most stairs ollied in the history of skateboarding. Soft and flexible for maximum board feel yet absorbing mega amounts of energy upon impact, this same nanotech material is used by NASA.


  • 10mm thick heel -> 5mm toe

Recommended for:

  • High Arch
  • Mid Arch

Compatible with:

  • Low arch/Flat foot

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 25.4 × 15.24 cm
US Men's Size (For women's add 2)

Large (42.5-48.5), Small (37.5-44.5), XS (35.5-40.5)

Color - Graphic

Dakota Servold, elite Hi classic, Jaws Feet, Jaws OG, Lizard King, Manny Santiago, Otaku, Leon Karssen, Paul Hart Conspiracy

10 reviews for Kingfoam Elite Insoles Hi Profile

  1. William

    If youre thinking about buying these, then you should buy them. also if youre not thinking about buying these, you should definitely buy them.

  2. Jennifer

    I’ve used several different insoles over the years. None of them have provided the comfort and support that I’ve gotten from these FP-insoles. The impact resistance is just flat out incredible. I’m a 42 year old who has been skateboarding since around the age of 10. My ankles, knees and heals are pretty much shot, but I don’t have to worry about pain from impacts so much anymore.

  3. scotty blalock

    Put them in some Vans off the walls that had almost no insole at all in them went from killing my feet after just a few hours to being able to go all day without any discomfort at all. Highly recommend them.

  4. keldon heikes

    I’ve had the original Jaws insoles and they were good but a little to soft. These new elite insoles are perfect. I work all day in them then go out for a sesh and my feet still aren’t sore. Great product!

  5. Preston

    These insoles are the best insoles ever had. Forget about Dr. Scholl re-mind or etc. those are just pieces of cloth and foam. I did the bowling ball egg drop even body drop and I did the bowling ball egg drop even body drop and didn’t hurt it worked. I’m not no do yet but I can garenteeee you that a docter will tell u to get these in soles. Plus they are really cheap. The only thing is that don’t walk with them on a rainy day or they will get really stiff and hard trust me I even tried to put them back in the oven but that didn’t help but at least I got to ride it for a day of stairs. YOU NEED TO BUY THESE INSOLES OR YOU WILL BECOME A HADICAP WHEN YOU ARE A SENIOR CITIZEN. Ig @_prestonmiller

  6. braylon sandy

    good good good good good good great great love these insoles so much i literally turned into jaws when i put them in my shoes and i kickflip meloned that stair/ ledge not him

  7. Joe

    Please never stop making these you guys!!! 🙂

  8. Yoichiro Nakano (verified owner)

    I’m 44yrs and still skate.
    I have back pain, knee pain and ankle pain but this reduce my pain a lot! I can’t Skate without it!

  9. Eddie munoz (verified owner)

    Just received my first pair and I love them so far. I can slide them into pretty much any shoe and not have to worry about comfort. Overall great!

  10. Jeremy Jarrett (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure if they would be as good as they “hype” made em seem, but I have very sensitive feet and are on em all day, these things were great for standing walking skating everything (i have yet to test em in the snow) but overall definitely worth the money.

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